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We will go straight through the core

We help design customer experiences, orchestrate customer journeys, and build great customer interactions across all your channels and silos - until you're customer-centric to the bone.


This leads to more valuable conversions, reduction of operational friction, and growth of customer loyalty and brand value. We focus on intelligent and human-centric automation (UXAD), core-tech / legacy transformation, IT strategy and architecture, and the design and development of digital platforms and ecosystems. We use new IT (such as low-code/LCAP, RPA, cognitive computing, AI, and other breakthrough technologies) and transform 'high-tech' from the lab to 'real-tech' in practice.

We are engineers, strategists, developers, and architects - and we’re all innovators with an unconditional love for technology. What sets us apart from the rest is our hands-on mentality combined with our knowledge of how to grow a business and our abundance of experience in doing so.

We work for many types of clients - in very different sectors, both for local organisations and global brands. We have offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Because of our no-nonsense culture and practical attitude, we believe in the modern workplace, collaboration concepts and strongly support the power of the individual - reinforced by the team.


Our team consists of CX and brand strategists, business and IT architects, UX/UI designers, service designers and software developers. We are ready for you and your customers. And also for new Blues. Naturally!

Meet the full team:

Senior Developer

Operations manager

Graphic designer

Working at Blue

Very cool projects require very cool people. The Blue team consists of thinkers and designers, structure seekers and builders. Get started from Rotterdam or Antwerp (Brasschaat), from your home office, from your mobile office on 4 wheels or from the other side of the world.

Let’s work together

We are really curious to find out what is bothering you. How can we make your customer experience wonderful for ever?

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