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For the Belgian air traffic control organization skeyes, we utilized the Liberty Create low-code platform to implement a digital purchase request process that adhered to both public entity purchasing policies and company-specific approval steps. This implementation allowed for streamlined and efficient handling of purchase requests, ultimately increasing the overall effectiveness of skeyes' procurement procedures.


Within skeyes' organization, the use of paper-based purchase request forms resulted in several issues:

  • Officials were not able to easily consult internal rules and regulations when filling out the purchase request on a paper document.

  • Purchase requests required additional steps to be taken by the back-office to improve the request's content after being handed over to the purchasing department.

  • Officials had no way of tracking the progress of their request when it was awaiting approval or after being received by the back-office, except for emailing or calling the team.

  • Purchase requests were manually allocated to purchasers, and all subsequent actions and overviews were tracked using spreadsheets.

  • The additional administration and communication required by the manual process diverted the purchasing team from their core duty of ensuring adherence to procedures and actually ordering the goods and services.

The solution

It became clear that the purchase request process had to adhere to thresholds and procedures determined by national public sector rules, but it also contained company-specific elements such as cost and budget center allocation, approval flows, and allocation to back-office team members. To achieve this, our team of analyst-developers carefully analyzed the existing process end-to-end, including all existing forms and information repositories, actors and constraints, opportunities, and potential pitfalls in close cooperation with the head of purchasing. Together, they created the data model and decision policies that were required as a baseline when creating the process flow and associated forms in Liberty Create, our chosen low-code platform.

Using Liberty Create, our team was able to instantly execute new versions of the process flow and forms and get immediate feedback from the purchasing team. The platform allowed for easy configuration of process steps and variables, keeping in mind the possibility of future process evolution and integration with other processes.

Officials are provided with detailed guidance at each stage of the process, offering an informative and helpful resource throughout the entire workflow. Process steps and fields that are not required are dynamically hidden. The information introduced is automatically compared to the required thresholds, which further informs the process and the approval flow.

Approvals are all given within the system, but helpful reminders are sent out through email. Cases can be routed back to the requestor with feedback, or rejected. Only when the request is fully validated by the business, the purchasing team will be involved to handle the approved request. The process also provides guidance to the back-office team on the procedure to be followed, including additional steps related to the procedure, such as all relevant dates and decisions in case of an extensive tendering procedure.

With very low effort, we were able to provide skeyes with a customized user interface that perfectly matches their corporate branding. Using the Liberty Create low-code platform, we quickly and seamlessly incorporated skeyes' branding elements, including color schemes and logos, into the user interface. This customized design ensures a consistent user experience that aligns with skeyes' overall branding, improving the overall usability of the application. Our ability to quickly and easily integrate a customized user interface allowed for a streamlined and efficient user experience, ultimately contributing to a more successful project outcome.

As part of our solution for skeyes, we provided them with easy self-service master data upload and download capabilities. The ability to self-service their master data upload and download ensures skeyes has complete control over their data, resulting in greater data accuracy and improved data management overall.

Using the Liberty Create low-code platform, we were able to quickly and easily spin up multiple environments and deploy between them with a single click. This feature significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage and deploy the application, allowing for rapid testing and deployment of new features and functionalities.

The results

The Liberty Create low-code platform has allowed us to create a more efficient, streamlined, and intuitive purchase request process for skeyes. With an improved procurement process, employees are able to easily access and acquire the materials and services they require, without the frustration and delay associated with traditional paper-based systems. This results in less time spent on administrative tasks, allowing employees to focus on more value-adding activities. For vendors, an improved procurement process enables them to better manage their inventory and respond more quickly to customer demand, improving overall service delivery. These positive experiences ultimately contribute to greater customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased revenue and long-term success for the organization.

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