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DevOps Engineer



The DevOps engineer’s responsibilities are multi-prong - they need to be agile enough to wear a technical hat and manage operations simultaneously. Some of the core responsibilities of DevOps Engineer include:

• Understanding customer requirements and project KPIs

• Implementing various development, testing, automation tools, and IT infrastructure

• Planning the team structure, activities, and involvement in project management activities.

• Managing stakeholders and external interfaces

• Setting up tools and required infrastructure

• Defining and setting development, test, release, update, and support processes for DevOps operation

• Have the technical skill to review, verify, and validate the software code developed in the project.

• Troubleshooting techniques and fixing the code bugs

• Monitoring the processes during the entire lifecycle for its adherence and updating or creating new processes for improvement and minimizing the wastage

• Encouraging and building automated processes wherever possible

• Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools

• Strive for continuous improvement and build continuous integration, continuous development, and constant deployment pipeline (CI/CD Pipeline)

What we do

We help design seamless customer experiences, orchestrate and automate customer journeys, and build next-gen customer interactions - across all a company's channels and silos.

This leads to more valuable conversions, efficient operations, reduction of operational friction, and growth of customer loyalty and brand value.

We have a focus on intelligent automation and people-centric automation design (UXAD), core-tech (legacy) transformation, tech strategy and architecture, and design and build of digital platforms and ecosystems. 

We use new IT (such as low-code / LCAP, RPA, cognitive computing, AI, and other game-changing technologies) to convert 'high-tech' into 'real-tech' and help to build better user experiences.

We're engineers, producers, analysts, creatives, architects, and catalysts for change - with a total love for technology. What separates us from the crowd is our hands-on mentality, while being business-driven, strategy-savvy, and with profound practical experience. 

We work for many types of clients - across very different industries, for local organizations as well as for global brands. Join can our offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Because of our no-nonsense culture and practical mindset, we believe in modern workplace and collaboration concepts and strongly support the power of the individual - amplified by the team.c

Sounds good?
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