Guide your organization towards sustainable energy management with Joul

Joul is our Energy Management System (EnMS) that helps companies to improve its energy performance in conformance with the ISO 50001:2018 norm.  


Improving energy performance for long-term sustainability is a journey that requires different activities and disciplines from an organisation. Joul, with its underlying Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle guides organisations along this journey. All required information is solicited from the organisation and captured in one place. It is a platform to engage stakeholders, track progress and provide transparency to the highest level. No action is lost, no improvement opportunity or compliance obligation forgotten.  


Energy uses, energy consumption and energy costs can be captured and tracked against targets. Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI) can be defined and their values can be automatically calculated to save time. Joul provides information and insights needed for internal and external auditing. With Joul, organisations can reduce their time to conformance and all related costs. Its inbuilt document approval process allows efficient digital management of required documentation. 


Move away from managing your energy performance and related improvement activities using decentralized spreadsheets and static flowcharts – Onboard collaborative and result-driven approaches, powered by Joul.

company value

Improve operational processes and energy efficiency while increasing your team’s productivity

energy costs

Optimise energy-consuming assets to improve energy performance

Faster time to conformity

Reduce effort to comply with ISO 50001 by leveraging on Joul’s structured approach and in-app guidance

Prove energy efficiency stewardship

Ensure transparency and meet stakeholder’s & shareholder’s expectations towards a modern carbon-neutral organization.

What Joul can do for you


Guided by ISO 50001:2018 standard

Get your EnMS organized and documented based on ISO 50001:2018 standard’s guidance and tailor Joul to your organisation’s energy performance objectives.

Employee engagement

Get your employees actively engaged and organized with the user-friendly interface, in-app assigned responsibilities, idea capturing, personal action assignment and overviews.

Energy performance tracking

Identify your energy uses, their consumption, cost and performance in one platform. Define EnPI based on this data with automated calculation of EnPI targets.


Rate the maturity of your energy performance activities and use the dashboard as a baseline to prioritize and plan realization.


Consolidated status overview

View the current status and progress of cross domain actions, controls and documents in a personalized overview. Get real-time insights by filtering easily to meet your reporting needs.

Report upon your improvements

The management dashboard provides information about your maturity rating history, activity over time and the statuses of actions, controls and documents in one view.


Make the right strategic and operational decisions and prioritization by identifying elements with the need for direct attention based on their maturity and status details.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

Joul is a single cloud-based platform, compatible with web and mobile. Access your Joul anywhere, anytime at any device.

Document approval management

Integrate your documentation workflow in Joul: upload documents and request, give and track document approvals anytime.


Set automatic reminders and reports via email and never miss any action or communication.

Emergency response maturity

Similar to all energy management elements, Joul allows you to document emergency precautions and response plans, while rating their maturity and take appropriate actions to improve.


Have multiple user groups (e.g.: per country) using Joul completely separated for the users with visibility across all tenants for the administrators.


I want Joul

We offer a user-based subscription license including all features, no matter the package you select.

The real question is:
to which extent do you want to engage your employees with the implementation of your Energy Management System?

Start level

Up to 5 unlimited users

25 employees can log in weekly (without consuming your unlimited user seats)

Growth level

Up to 15 unlimited users

85 employees can log in weekly (without consuming your unlimited user seats)

Enterprise level

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Precondition to use Joul: as a customer you have to be legally compliant with the use of ISO 50001:2018 standard within your organization. For more info, please contact your local ISO member.