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Embrace the implementation of your Environmental Performance objectives with Emi

Emi is our environmental management system platform that helps you to implement the ISO 14001:2015 standard and beyond


We believe Emi is the go-to platform for management and the board to help accelerate their environmental performance endeavours”

- Sven Mannens,

Head of business development, DI Blue


We believe Emi is the go-to platform for management and the board to help accelerate their environmental performance endeavours

- Sven Mannens,

Head of business development, DI Blue

The Emi platform contains user-friendly tools that allow you to engage employees across your organization to contribute to achieving the organization’s environmental objectives. With a clear and self-explanatory user interface, employees will find their way easily to Plan, Do, Check and Act upon the EMS elements. Emi EMS is based on the international Environmental Management standard ISO 14001:2015 that provides practical tools and guidance to manage your environmental responsibilities.


The management dashboard, using the traffic lights principle, helps you to prioritize activities and shows real-time statuses. It allows you to take appropriate decisions to steer your organization forward and be able to communicate accordingly to your stakeholders. 


The Emi platform with its EMS tool is built to encourage employee idea sharing and their involvement in implementing environmental improvement projects.  


Therefore, we strongly believe that Emi is the go-to platform for management and the board to help accelerate their organization’s environmental endeavours.”


 – Sven Mannens, Head of business development, DI Blue 


With the Emi app it is made easy to engage your employees in environmental management.

- Frank Beyer,

Emi Product Lead, DI Blue

The Emi EMS app translates the ISO 14001:2015 standard into a user-friendly information capturing and reporting tool that makes the important topic of environmental management accessible for your staff. Its in-build maturity model generates an intrinsic motivation for all participants to continuously add information and increase the organization's conformance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.”


 – Frank Beyer, Emi Product Lead, DI Blue 


Continuously improve environmental performance

Rate your EMS activities and prioritize appropriately with the help of real-time traffic lights and severity reports.


Engage employees for environmental commitments

Define roles and responsibilities, assign actions, set reminders, tailor your views and get a personalized overview of your actions in one click.


Remove the burn of implementing EMS

Start with a proven set of guidelines based on ISO 14001:2015 standard and manage your actions, documents and controls in one place.


Be guided

Emi is a user-friendly platform set up to guide organizations in their Environmental Management System implementation, based on the practical tools of the ISO 14001:2015 standard. Emi’s EMS tool removes the burn of implementing environmental performance improvements. The traffic lights reporting helps to prioritize the deliverables and related activities required by your EMS objectives and legal obligations. Easily assign actions and have documentation and controls centrally available with cross domain insights displayed on a management dashboard.


Be transparent

Proof that you care about environmental health. Multiple stakeholder groups are interested in the environmental performance progress of organizations to decide whether to invest, to become a customer or for internal management decision making. Emi is a centralized management platform that brings your legal and voluntary environmental obligations alive. Be in control and report in real-time on the status of your environmental performance to meet the expectations of your stakeholders and shareholders anytime.

Be a leader

Plan your EMS activities and start executing at the pace that your organization allows – or requires. Be able to evaluate continuously and act accordingly using Emi. Find the balance between achieving ISO 14001:2015 conformity and growing your company towards a truly carbon-neutral leader.

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