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Business Liberation Fridays

NC Friday

Learn how you can improve your customer experience and liberate your business using the Netcall Liberty platform.

Tie it all together. Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions that lets you manage and improve your customer experience, effortlessly. Solve process issues that undermine your customer experience. Improve agent performance in the contact centre.



Use Liberty Create to build almost any type of application you want - at warpspeed. Then repeat and become a truly digital company.

Robotic process automation

Build a team of digital colleagues to help you to do the repetitive work - and free up your precious people to focus on real value-add work.

Contact centre solutions

Streamline all of your communication and support channels in one place and deliver your customers the recognition they deserve.

Omnichannel messaging

Start building real omnichannel customer conversations using Liberty Connect - in a matter of days (not months).

During this free online webinar, we'll explain what Liberty helps to achieve, and how the platform works. Supported by practical use cases, you will get a thorough understanding of how intelligent automation helps you to build better and more consistent digital customer experiences across all your communication channels and how we from DI Blue have moved the tech-needle for companies like First Climate, skeyes, and many others in order to become companies that care about customer experience.


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